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“Don’t climb to high!” Her fathers words still ring in her ears as her feet continue to step onto higher branches, her arms pull upwards onto a new one. She is almost there. So close to the top where the air is clear and the view stretches for miles around.

In a tree like this she is sure she will be able to skim her fingers through the sky. The sturdy oaks branches seam to go upward and upward towards the sky in a never ending sporadic nature.

Hand. Hand. Foot. Foot. Repeat.

The sixteen year olds eyes fall down and catch her distance from the ground, she is pretty high up….

Shaking her head and herself of the thoughts of needing to stop where she is.

Her hands grasp at a new branch and slowly she pulls herself up to it.

It’s wobbly. She’ll have to move quick, but before she can it cracks. The branch crackles and snaps and as if in slow motion the girl watches as the branch falls from beneath her feet.

She falls.

She is falling.

Branches are tearing at her flesh as they break her fall on the way down.

Arms cover desperately alternate between protecting her face and her body from the impact of branches as she tumbles down.

Her body slams into several large branches and she feels the wind race from her lungs leaving her breathless.

After what seems like forever she feels a moment of peace - but that lasts only moments until her body notices that it is still falling.

She falls the final drop from the first branch to the ground.

Pain races through her entire body as she slams into the ground, her head contacts with the hard ground.

Everything is black.

Everything is white.

Everything smells clean.

There is a white bandage wrapped around her head and she is confused. It swims inside her like a tumultuous sea.

“Sweet heart, you’re okay now…you scared us all for a while.” Her father sits there grasping at her hand that is too bandaged.

It tingles slightly as he holds it, but no pain is had.

Her head feels woozy and dizziness overcomes her as she tries to sit back up. A wave of nausea scrapes at the pit of her stomach but as she heaves nothing comes up her stomach is empty.

“Lay back down, please, you aren’t well enough to get up…you’ve been unconscious for a day now…”

Blank eyes stare back at her father and she lowers herself back down eyes never leaving him.

“Do you remember what happened? The doctor said there may be memory loss…but he said it’d only be temporary so I’ll help you fill in the blanks, okay sweet heart?” There is obvious worry in his voice.

Her head nods.

“Do you remember your name?”

Her head slowly shakes no, this causes a slight resurfacing of nausea and she stops.

“Your name is Aria. Aria Talles Ventos.”

That did ring a bell…

Do you know who I am?”

Another shake.

“I’m your father.”

Memories of balloon trips and floating through the sky with the man beside her start to flow into her mind. She smiles.

“Dad…” She breathes, “Sorry I climbed to high…” An uneasy look that expects anger from her father prepares itself for a stern talking to.

Her father smiles back, “I forgive you…I’m just glad your safe.” There is no anger in his voice, his words only have truth in them.

The look fades into one of content ease, she is still exhausted and her body nestles itself back into the hospital sheets.

She is safe. Her father is there beside her, and her memories would return to her soon.

Things were looking better already.